"I don't want this to seem over dramatic, but sometimes you meet people, and you know they are going to change your life. That is how I feel about Erica, and I knew from her passion on our first day of the nutrition workshop that she was going to be one of those people for me. During the four weeks that we had together, she provided us with information to be able to kick-start our health journey, about food (and what is actually healthy), about metabolism and about how to work towards loving yourself. ... Over the course of 4 weeks and implementing more and more small changes throughout (that actually taste good!), I lost 10 pounds, just in changing how I eat, and even more beneficial, I feel great! I would recommend this workshop to anyone, but especially to those of us that have tried "everything"  to feel better or lose weight and it hasn't worked, or it hasn't stuck."

-Brittany L.

Erica Ballard