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Do you want to get healthy but can't seem to prioritize your health?

I hear that all the time. But here's the thing: You have to figure out how if you want to live the life you want. Because the right foods and habits will help you perform better in and out of the office. Just look at today's top achievers. Almost every single one of them is healthy. That's not by accident, which is why I help busy people  just like you  get healthy. You want to be better, and I can get you there. So, if you're ready to up level, let's talk. 


1:1 Health Coaching

You say you don't have the time to get healthy, but what if getting healthy didn't have to take hours in the kitchen, gym, or grocery store? What if getting healthy was simpler than the diet and fitness industry make it out to be? And what if you had someone in your corner to show you the way? 


What it’s like to work with a health coach? Ask Kelly.

"I have a problem. Or, I guess I should say, I HAD a problem. Up until recently though, it was a secret problem, and it had to do with food ...One day earlier this year, I had a light bulb moment. 'What if someone exists out there in the world to help me understand my eating habits and also begin to change them?' Enter Erica Ballard..." 


Want it to stick this time?

Because, let's be real, You already know what you should be doing. You know you need more vegetables in your diet and that eating breakfast isn't the worst idea in the world. but what's annoying is you don't know why you can't do those things. I hear it all the time, which is why I created my free guide: Rewire Your Brain and Change Your Body: The Simple Two-Step Process.    


The Full Plate Podcast

The full plate Podcast is a Podcast dedicated to helping you improve your health and mindset. Because isn't that why you're here? You want to do you better. So, tune in to learn how better your health, up your productivity, and improve your life through food, movement, and mindset. Guests include functional doctors, mindset experts, trainers, and professional athletes.


TUne into one of my my favorite podcast episodes right now:

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