23: Tackling Your Mindset and Your Kitchen with Robyn Conley Downs

Friends –  I’m so excited to introduce you to Robyn Conley Downs. Robyn is the founder of Real Food Whole Life, a multi-media wellness lifestyle brand with a mission to provide simplified solutions for real life wellness. In this podcast episode, she delivers on that mission. We talk about what mindset really is, how yours might be holding you back, and the things you can do in and out the kitchen to simplify your health and your life. 

Join me and Robyn to learn:

  • The three different types of wellness personalities and how to find out which one you are

  • Why gentle is the new perfect and what that looks like in everyday life

  • What mindset actually is and how it affects the decisions you make in and out of the kitchen

  • How to make a healthy meal that tastes good in next to no time

  • What meal maps are and how to use her “essential six” to construct them

You can get in touch with Robyn on all the socials through Real Food Whole Life. Also:

To find out what wellness personality you are, take the quiz at http://www.realfoodwholelife.com/quiz.

To learn about meal planning myths, stop by http://www.realfoodwholelife.com/blog/5-meal-planning-myths-and-why-its-not-as-complicated-as-you-think

To create a capsule pantry, read http://www.realfoodwholelife.com/blog/how-to-create-a-capsule-pantry-for-simplified-cooking

To check out her recipes, visit http://www.realfoodwholelife.com/recipes/

To hear her podcast on mindset, listen here: http://www.realfoodwholelife.com/feelgoodeffect/what-is-mindset-what-its-not-how-5-ways-to-shift-it