26: How to Form Habits with Jennifer Magley

Get ready for this conversation with Jennifer Magley, ya’ll. Jennifer is a speaker, entrepreneur, high performance coach, and former professional athlete and NCAA Division I head coach. She works with athletes, executives, entrepreneurs and creatives to help them develop the habits they need to succeed in business. And in this conversation today, she gives us the formula to up level our lives in health and in business.

So, tune in if you want to understand:

  • What differentiates high achievers, be it in sports or in the office, from everyone else

  • How to form habits and the reason habits are key to your success

  • The role belief plays in transformation and what you can do to up your belief in self

  • The most important thing to keep in mind when starting new habits

  • Why confidence is necessary when building skills and how to build confidence if you don’t have it

Connect with Jennifer on Instagram at @jennifermagley or online at www.magleyjennifer.com.