Tomorrow isn't guaranteed

What are you waiting for?

I recognize that the question I just posed could apply to a lot of things, but as I’m health and mindset expert, I’m going to stick to health.

So, I’m going to ask again: what thing, or slew of things, are you waiting for to get healthy?

If you’re like most people, you’ll wait for a traumatic event (think getting hit by a physical or metaphorical mac truck). But you’re not like most people. You got things – big things – to do. And your dreams aren’t small. You know you’re here for a purpose and you want to execute it.

That’s why I need to buck convention and stop waiting to get healthy. Start now, like, right now. And before you tell me you’re too busy, hear me when I say your health is key to fulfilling your big dreams – your purpose. Because, the reality is, you need that energy. You need that clarity. You need that stamina if you’re ever going to get there.

So, quit with the excuses. There is no perfect time to start. Really. There’s not. Think back to when you bought your house or had you baby or took that new job. Was the time you choose to buy, birth, or start any of those things perfect? Were the conditions 100% where they needed to be for you to feel comfortable to pull the trigger?

Of course they weren’t. But you decided they were good enough and did it anyways. So, do that with your health. Start deciding that your health is a priority. That your health is something you can tackle. And that your health matters.

I don’t mean to ride you, but I know you want to excel. You want to kill it. And, not to get too morbid, but tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. So, just do it already. Because you're ready. After all, you could be doing a thousand other things, but you’re reading this.

So, please, stop putting you on the back burner. You matter. Yea – you. You f*cking matter. So, act like it.

Erica Ballard is a Health and Mindset Coach who helps working professionals increase their productivity and success through food. If you liked what you read, and want to learn more, check her out here. 


Erica Ballard