Superfood spotlight: Bee pollen


I discovered bee pollen about a year ago, and, boy, am I glad I did. This superfood is lifesaver during the spring and summer months. Here’s why:

  • Bee pollen is a natural antihistamine. It’s that time of year where we’re lead to believe that watery eyes and a runny nose are the norm. But they don’t have to be thanks to bee pollen. This natural remedy reduces the production of histamine – a compound your body makes when it mistakenly believes a substance is harmful to the body. To reap these benefits, your pollen needs to be local. So, make sure to buy it from an in-state beekeeper.
  • Bee pollen increases energy, endurance and strength. Bee pollen is 25 percent protein, which means – gram for gram – it has a higher protein content than meat, egg and cheese. That makes it one of nature’s richest sources of bioavailable protein. This is good news as studies show bee pollen hastens recovery time from exercise and increases muscle growth.
  • Bee pollen reduces stress. Let’s face it. May is a busy month. Schools are winding down. Kids are coming home. And, yet, work continues to grind. So, naturally, stress levels are a little higher. Bee pollen reduces this anxiety by forfeiting our stress defense shield. And because it is easily absorbed into our systems, its effects are near immediate. Studies show that within two hours of ingestion, bee pollen can be found in our blood and cerebral spinal fluids.  

All you need is ½ to 1 tbsp. a day to get these results. If you’ve never tried itbefore and are unsure what to do with it – treat just like honey. Just throw it in your smoothie, oatmeal or granola. It’s that simple. So try it out and let me know what you think.