January 2018 edition: What I'm digging this month

You guys have been asking about which foods I eat and what products I use, which I love because I love sharing things I love. So, here are some of things I’m digging this January:


Power Sheets: I buy planners every year and then never end up using them. You’d think I would have learned my lesson by now and stopped buying planners, but I haven’t and I’m grateful for my stubbornness (right now anyways) because this year I stumbled upon Cultivate What Matters’ Power Sheets. I love this planner because it’s WAY MORE than a daily planner. It’s a life planner. It helps you set and reassess goals, it enables to dig into what you want, and highlights areas in your life that are in need of love or weeding.

All the plants: My fiancé, Nick, loves plants – like LOVES plants. We’d have a plant room if he had it his way. I never really cared for them (mainly because I could barely keep them alive), but my tune changed this year. We have about eight on our first floor right now, and, I love them. They help with air quality, sharpen my focus, and I swear I breath better because of them.

Trailhead Naturals Chia Crackers: These crackers are the BEST SNACK EVER. They are delicious alone but pair really well with hummus, avocado, lox, nut butter, and the list goes on. If you’re in Indy, you can get them at the Indy Winter’s Farmers’ Market. If you’re not from Indy, you can order from them via Trailhead Naturals Instagram page (and FYI that I’m interviewing the brilliant baker for us next month so stay tuned!)

Risin’ Creek Goat Cheese: I can’t do cows’ milk. I try, but even the good, local, organic brands just don’t agree with me. Luckily, my body does well with goat cheese. And while I don’t eat cheese often, when I do indulge, I choose goat cheese a la Risin’ Creek Dairy & Creamery. It tastes good, spreads well, and has probiotics. What more can you ask for?

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