How to attract new customers

I've been a bit MIA on the blog as I've been working on building up the business (keeping it real over here). But now I'm back and will be bringing you tons of tips on how to up level your body and mind moving forward. Before I do that though, I want to talk about how to attract new customers as a lot of followers have asked for this advice.

I'll give you a few thoughts, but I've also enlisted some friends to talk about their favorite ways attract new business. Take a read and, if you have any questions or want to talk more about how to attract new customers, get at me. 

Me: It's all about doing the best for your client and partnering with organizations that align with my mission. I love my clients and, by helping them succeed, it helps me attract new clients. As for the organizations, I look to speak at least two places per month as in-person event tend to be great for reaching people who need my services. 

Maria Baer, The Baer Minimalist: When I launched The Baer Minimalist last year, I knew I wanted to be a trusted partner for established businesses who had a similar clientele. I partnered with California Closets, a handful of realtors + interior designers, charities and a networking group called Home Artisans. From there, I worked with these groups to think of unique ways to market each other (videos, Facebook Live events, speaking engagements, blog features, etc.) that would be valuable for them and their clients. This allowed me to get the word out about my business quickly, while building some amazing relationships in the process.

Katie Smith, Careerable: With coaching and consulting, my strategy is really word of mouth. Self-promotion takes a lot of energy from me so I would rather rely on serving customers well in order to drive referrals. And as with anyone, I find that the busier I am, the busier I get. Momentum begets momentum. I also recently did a speaking gig with an audience outside of my typical circle and that generated new business.

Kara GladishKahunify: I have heard a lot of marketing consultant horror stories, like the guy who ran off with $3,000, or the firm that happily accepted a large retainer for months without actually delivering ANY work. Among these competitors, I think my hard work and integrity give me an edge, even over larger companies. I have gotten a lot of business from clients' referrals! So the reputation I have built and the testimonials I have gathered are my #1 tool for gaining new business.

Kat Rudberg Gordon, Crafted Taste: As an eCommerce business that sells nationally, I rely on a digital approach focused on three main areas - press, paid advertising, and our social media presence. I pitch to magazines, develop relationships with journalists in the food and beverage sphere, and respond to relevant requests from HARO, especially in regard to gift guides. With paid advertising, I try to leverage areas already getting attention, such as Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram ads, and retargeting with Adroll. Finally, I post regularly on our social media, creating a presence on all but focusing on one platform that drives the most traffic to the website - which for us is Instagram. I’ve recently branched out to influencer marketing too, working with micro-influencers to reach active IG communities that would be a great fit for our brand.

Courtney Walker Pope, Polish Interior and Art Design: We have been fortunate as Indiana transplants to land some amazing business by word of mouth! Our business continues to grow by going above and beyond, ensuring each client's experience is positive, memorable and personable, making referrals our biggest method of attracting new clients to-date. Social media, mainly our Instragram account @polishinteriorandartdesign , has attracted some great new business along with our quarterly article in Haven Magazine (check out page 60)!

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