Wellness works.

It really does. Studies repeatedly show that good health is key to a productive workforce. You know the studies I’m talking about. The ones that say healthy employees are more motivated, present and prolific. And the ones that show employee happiness can improve health and, thus, help lower skyrocketing health care costs. Yea those ones.

Lucky for you, most employees want to be at their best for their employer. Most want to be challenged. Most want to work hard. And most want to help their company move its mission forward. Of course, they only are willing to do this, if their company invests in them.

Are you ready to invest in your employees (and save money in the long run doing so)?  If so, Erica Ballard Health can help.

Want to know what opportunities* exist for your employees through Erica Ballard Health?

  • Wellness presentations.  Education is the first step towards better health. That’s why Erica Ballard Health's Lunch & Learns arm employees with the knowledge they need get healthy, despite their busy schedules. Sessions could include "Food Fundamentals: What, When and How to Eat” and “Five Ways to Eat Healthy When You’re Busy”.
  • Wellness workshops. Instead of paintball or trust falls, try a wellness workshop to bring your staff closer. During a Wellness Workshop, your employees will spend time together learning how to eat well, manage stress and work out (yoga or boxing). Workshops are available as a half or full day event.
  • Wellness webinars. Erica Ballard Health can provide employers with her webinar series “Eating for Success”, a three-part program that outlines the connection between success in the workplace and eating well.

*These programs are also available for professional networks and organizations in addition to employers.

Erica has a positive and uplifting personality, and it is her voice I hear cheering me on in those moments when I feel like I’m not making progress. I know Erica will always be behind me supporting me, while simultaneously giving me the tools to support myself.”
— Mary Ann M.