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Mindful Maintenance: A Two-Week Challenge

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Join me and Invoke Yoga for Mindful Maintenance, a two-week challenge to help you stay sane and maintain this holiday season.  We created this challenge, because, while we LOVE the holidays, they can be stressful on our minds and waistlines.

If you feel us on this and are looking to mindfully maintain this holiday, we'd love to have you. This challenge includes a two-week meal plan, unlimited access to Healthy Living Expert and Coach Erica Ballard, group support, and a free workshop for challenge participants. Program runs December 4 - 17. Investment is $45.00.  

Mindful Eating Workshop

I will be hosting Mindful Eating workshop will be held on Sunday, December 3 at 4:30pm at Invoke (downtown location) for those who want to enter to win a $25 Invoke credit. To be eligible for this prize, all you have to do is:

  1. Join Invoke and Erica Ballard Health’s Two-Week Mindful Maintenance Holiday Challenge.
  2. Attend the free Mindful Maintenance Workshop on Sunday, December 3.
  3. Tag Invoke and me on a Facebook or Instagram on a post letting us know you’re taking the challenge.

About Erica Ballard

I thought I knew what “healthy” meant. I exercised 6 times a week. I followed the healthy food trends. And I had been working in the public health and health care industry for nearly a decade. But as I moved down my health journey, I realized healthy living isn’t about numbers – number of work outs, numbers on the scale, or number of calories per meal. Healthy living means doing the things your body needs to thrive. As as a Healthy Living Expert and Coach, I'm now on a mission to help people live their healthiest and happiest lives.