This three-month experience includes:

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You'll also receive monthly one-on-one coaching, bonus videos, and guest lectures from experts trained to up your mindset, fitness, and life!

Total Investment: $1,500

What people are saying about Erica's programs...


"With so much conflicting information on what we as humans should be eating, I wanted some direction and that's exactly what Erica provided. The workshop went over a wealth of information that not only helped me be more intentional about what I put into my body, but also helped me understand when to eat, the best ways to prepare my food, the benefits of eating whole and how to fight bloat! I have visited hospital nutritionist and can attest that this workshop was hands down more informative AND less costly. I would recommend it to anyone looking to live their best life." - Shayna S.


"She perfectly catered to a class of varied ages, backgrounds, genders, and experiences, while making us feel comfortable and united in our goals to live healthier lives. I feel more confident than ever in choosing the best food and lifestyle habits to adequately fuel my body, specifically. I am now well educated and prepared to continue bettering myself, but feel very grateful to have Erica as an ongoing resource!" - Olivia G. 


"Erica is a different kind of health coach and in a really good way! She meets you where you are and helps you work within your reality to meet your goals. What has helped me the most is her willingness to listen to me talk through my challenges and the ways I think about things and then translate my thoughts into positive actions I can take to move toward my goals. Erica challenges appropriately, in a way that helps me see what is possible for me to achieve. I always feel very hopeful and motivated after our sessions. ...Erica has a positive and uplifting personality, and it is her voice I hear cheering me on in those moments when I feel like I'm not making progress. I know Erica will always be behind me supporting me, while simultaneously giving me the tools to support myself." — Mary Ann M.