Tell me, have you ever wondered...

Why can't I bring myself to do the things I know I need to do?

How am I so productive in my professional life yet so unmotivated when it comes to my own health?

Why do I keep eating things I know I shouldn't be eating habits?

How will I ever get healthy with a schedule like mine?

What would it feel like to be one of those healthy, happy people who actually likes kale and cooking?

Will I ever enjoy hEalthy eating and living?

I know how you feel – stretched for time, overwhelmed, and wondering why it feels impossible to make space to do things that are good for you.

I was there too. 

When I started down my health journey, I truly believed that working harder was the only way to achieve the body and life I wanted. I just had to run a little faster. Eat a little cleaner. And be a little bit more vigilant. 

And how did that work out for me?

Not that great. I was exhausted – both mentally and physically. I couldn't keep up with the demands of family and work and the pressure I put on myself in and out of the gym. But I knew I needed to be healthy to live my life. I just didn't know how to fit health into my life in a sustainable way. I thought it was supposed to be hard. 

I was missing the point.

I was taught that working harder got results. But, the truth is, being healthy is so much easier than that. No one ever told me that  being healthy is really about eating foods and engaging in habits that nourish your body and mind. And no one ever showed me how to find those foods or identity those habits. Nor did anyone show me how to figure out what my unique needs were or explain to me that what I needed to be healthy was unique to me.  

It took a lot longer because of that. 

 I wish I had someone who was willing to be honest with me. Someone who could explain to me that healthy living is about doing what's right for my body – not my friend's, my sister's or my colleague's body. Someone who would tell that doing right by my body would expand my mind, increase my productivity, and help me do me better. Someone who was willing to say to me that the diet and health care industry aren't telling the whole truth. And, perhaps, most importantly, someone who would keep me accountable – even when I pushed back.

Does this sound like someone you could benefit from? I thought so.

While I went through all of this alone, you don't have to. I figured out how to be my healthiest self despite the fact that only 24 hours exist in a day. And I want to help you do the same. I know you can be healthy – even with a schedule like yours. I know because I figured it out. 

So, if you're ready to better your health to better your life...

What to expect


In this completely tailored program, you'll learn how to:

  • Change your life and finally figure out how to live healthy without killing yourself in the gym or in the kitchen.

  • Cultivate healthy habits that stick this time. 

  • Find foods that work for your mind and body and live the life you always wanted to lead.

  • Break bad habits and finally embrace the foods and practices that nourish your body and soul.

  • Be held accountable because I will be reaching out between our sessions to support you.

  • Remove the mental and physical blocks that have been standing in the way of living your best life.

  • Be unapologetic about your pursuit of health and happiness.

Throughout the program, you should expect The FOllowing

  • A clear understanding of which foods give you energy, serve your body, and improve your productivity.

  • The newfound ability to own your health, your time, and your life (for real this time).

  • Two sessions a month to figure out best practices for your body, mind, and life and how to implement them.

  • The space to dig deep so we can figure out what's actually stopping you from dropping the weight.  

  • Tailored resources, tools, and gifts, which could include recipes, food journals, meditation guides, and more.

  • To talk a lot as I will be available to you as much as you need me to be because I want you to succeed.


If you're ready to up level your health to up level your life, let's get started...


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