This is your personalized guide to food freedom.

You just want to know what to eat and do to get healthy, right?.

I totally get it. So many people just need to know what to shift to get the results they want. They're ready to do the work  – they just need to know what to change, and they will. 

Does that sound like you? Are you ready to do the work and some make changes?

Of course you are. My guess is you're like most people I work with: you're done with the diets and calorie counting and confusion. You just want to know what to do for you, and you'll do it because you're ready.  

I've worked with enough high achievers to know that a little direction and push can get massive results fast. 

I know your type. You're the kind of person who knows how to work hard and how to take direction. But, let's call a spade a spade, you're lost and need a little guidance to get what you desire. 

That's why I created the Health BlueprinT: Your personalized guide to food freedom.

I created it for people like you. People who want to do the work  –  people who are doing the work  –  but haven't gotten the results they wanted. If that's you...

What are you waiting for? Let's figure out your food so you can do you better.


Investment: $497


What to expect

What you'll learn:

  • Which changes will have the most significant impact on your health, energy, and weight
  • Why these changes will positively affect your body, brain, and life
  • How to execute the steps outlined and the best ways to incorporate them into your busy life
  • What tools and resources will help you execute your blueprint and improve your health
  • Where to go to get suggested resources, supplements, and foods 

What's included:

  • 75-minute assessment of your current diet, lifestyle, concerns, and goals

  • Five-day food journal review (to be returned within 24 hours of session)

  • Full health history analysis (questionnaire to be filled out 24 hours prior to session)

  • Recommendation of top 1-3 diet or lifestyle changes to significantly address your health concerns and move you towards your goals

  • Erica Ballard Health food journal to track you progress following you Health Blueprint session


Are you ready to get your personalized guide to food freedom?

What people are saying....

Erica Ballard is not only full of nutritional knowledge— like, all the knowledge— but she’s the real deal and going to change your life far beyond just your kitchen.
— Tory D.
Erica is a different kind of health coach and in a really good way! She meets you where you are and helps you work within your reality to meet your goals.
— Mary Ann M.

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