38: The Benefits of Eating Local with Ashley Brooks

Friends, in this episode we’re keeping things real -- and we’re keeping things local -- with the amazing Ashley Brooks. Ashley is an entrepreneur and hospitality designer, co-founder of nationally-acclaimed restaurant, Milktooth, and the co-founder Garfield Farmers Market (where I personally do most of my grocery shopping during the summer).

That's just a portion of her professional bio, by the way. As you can see, Ashley wears many hats -- but all of her projects center around her passion for connecting with people through food. She is a passionate advocate for local food and a strong, sustainable food system. And today she’s going to help us understand how and why to incorporate local foods into our lives.

In addition to sharing her own entrepreneurial journey, as well as how she evolved from a diet based on convenience to a diet based on locally and sustainably sourced foods, Ashley also unpacks:

  • What defines local food vs. healthy food vs. “slow food”

  • Why supporting local food creates a more sustainable food and agriculture system

  • Why local, seasonal food tastes better!

  • What “slow food” is -- and why local doesn’t necessarily mean healthy or sustainable

  • How to navigate your local market and ask where/how your produce is grown 

If you’re in Indy, join Ashley and I at the Garfield Park Farmers Market next summer! In the meantime, you can follow Ashley on Instagram at @a.rose.brooks and  www.arosehospitality.com. Wherever you live, get to know your local slow food community at www.slowfoodusa.org!

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