02: Shifting Your Mind to Shift Your Health with Freddie Kimmel

Get ready for this life-giving interview with my dear friend, Freddie Kimmel. Freddie is a musical theatre performer, health coach, and personal trainer based in New York City. After overcoming cancer and a slew of other health challenges, Freddie has unlocked the foundations to health and healing as well as his passion for helping others on their own journeys.

In this conversation, we’ll cover:

  • Freddie’s incredible and inspiring story of survival and healing
  • How a shift in diet and mindset dramatically changed - and probably saved - Freddie’s life
  • How to pay attention to those “divine whispers” from your body to give it what it needs to thrive
  • Why it is so important to rewire your mindset around health and how to do it
  • What the heck is tapping and how do I do it?!
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Take Freddie’s tip and define your WHY by writing down the one thing that sets your soul on fire - and then spend more time doing that thing!

Stay in touch with Freddie at http://freddiesetgo.com or on Instagram @freddiesetgo, including this mind full vs. mindful post we discussed in the podcast.


“They’re called feelings because we feel them in the body.”

“Stone by stone, you start picking away at the wall, and you turn around and one day you’ve moved the mountain.”