08: How to Heal Your Skin from the Inside Out with Karen Burr and Sarah Redmon

Friends, you’re in for a real treat this episode. I know, I say it every time, but I really love these women. Karen Burr and Sara Redmon have not only changed how I treat my skin but have also changed how so many others take care of their skin. As holistic estheticians and herb entrepreneurs, Sara and Karen spend most of their days helping people heal skin conditions – from acne to rosacea – through Materia Medica, their herbal blending bar and practice in Indiana. Before opening Materia Medica, these two spent many years working in traditional spas and decided to leave that world after realizing there was a (much) better way to care for our skin.

On this episode Karen and Sarah talk about how they incorporate natural skincare into everyday life, explaining:

  • How our skin is an indicator of what’s going on internally in our bodies and what to do to heal ourselves from the inside out
  • Why they are so adamant about nourishing our bodies with natural products and what they wish they knew when they were younger
  • What to look for when buying natural products, including make-up, lotions, and face wash
  • How to detox your arm pits (uh huh) and find a natural deodorant that actually works
  • The difference between traditional spa treatments and holistic, plant-based skin care
  • What to do if you have acne and/or want to age gracefully
  • The simple steps you can take to start incorporating natural skin care and product into your life
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Karen and Sara want you to look and feel good as they remember what it was like to battle acne and other skin problems. That’s why these two make sure their clients have the how-to steps to take care of their skin. So, if you want to connect with them or just want to follow them, you can find them hanging out on Instagram and Facebook at @materiamedicablendingbar or email them at materiamedica2@gmail.com.