05: Healing Your Hormones with Allie McFee

Friends, you are in for a delightful treat! In this episode, I’ll introduce you to Allie McFee, a women’s health and nutrition expert. Allie is extraordinarily knowledgeable about hormones, feminine cycles, and what she calls, “juicy feminine living.” With her company, Modern Goddess Lifestyle, Allie helps women connect with their inner rhythm and intuition -- aka their “inner goddess.” (And guys, don’t think this episode is for women only -- we all need to talk more about these topics, and Allie’s take on them is incredibly illuminating and empowering.)

In addition to demystifying the menstrual cycle and the various hormones involved, in this conversation we dive into:

  • Allie’s personal story of balancing her hormones with nourishing food, herbs, and self-care practices

  • How nutrition can support hormones and the different seasons of the feminine cycle

  • How stress affects our reproductive hormones

  • How we store feelings and emotions in our bodies

  • The long-term effects of the birth control pill

  • How to live in harmony with your menstrual cycle and honor the feminine cycle and seasons of womanhood


You will most certainly want follow along Allie’s journey after listening to this episode. You can find her (and the free e-book she mentioned in the show) at www.moderngoddesslifestyle.com or on Facebook and Instagram @moderngoddesslifestyle.

Other resources:

Goddess in Rhythm Course: Allie is offering The Full Plate listeners 10% off this course. Use the discount code SACREDMOONFLOWERICA to grab this awesome discount!

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“Know thyself and know thy cycle.”