24: A Better Body with Troy Brooks

Friends – I am so excited to introduce you to Troy Brooks. Troy is an inspired strength and lifestyle coach who combines training and nutrition as a means to all-round wellness. He specializes in pre & post natal training, group training, mobility, functional strength & conditioning, and body composition. He coaches people from all walks of life – be it your everyday business woman to elite athletes – and works to help every single one of his clients to surpass their health and fitness goals. 

In this conversation, we cover:

  • How he lost 67lbs in nine months and how that transformation changed more than just his body
  • The mindset he had to adopt to hit the gym daily during this journey and how that shift helped him reach his ultimate goals
  • Why getting started and just going for it is critical to your success in and out the gym
  • The shifts and changes he has made to his routines and workouts to keep his health at its peak
  • What some of the best workouts are for your body and how to find them