21: The Healing Power of Plants with Alana Hess

Friends! I cannot wait for you to meet Alana Hess. Alana is magical, truly. I learned so much from her and you will to. For those of you just meeting Alana, she is a plant advocate who started her journey after discovering the medicinal magic within plants. During a series of confusing experiences in the modern medical world, she found a clear truth within nature: that plants are medicine. Alana hopes to share this ancient truth so that we can all remember the nurturing care that’s provided all around us by plants and to restore our innate human connection to nature. 

In this interview, you will learn so much including:

  • The role chronic stress plays in our overall health and how plants can help us manage it
  • What adaptogens are and the role they play in stress reduction
  • How plants, specifically adaptogens, can support your health and improve your quality of life
  • What to look for when purchasing adaptogenic supplements and how to use them
  • Some of her favorite adaptogens, like ginseng and ashwagandha, and what each does in the body

You can get in touch with Alana on Instagram at @naptownflo or via email at naptownflo@gmail.com. If you're in Indy, you can also find her at local farmers' markets and shops. Visit her site at www.naptownflo.com to learn more.