18: Up-Leveling Focus and Creativity through Food with Michael Huber

On this episode, I sit down with Michael Huber, CEO of the Indy Chamber of Commerce, to discuss the role health has played in up-leveling his productivity and outlook on life. Michael is a passionate father, musician, and working professional. Juggling all three has been a challenge in the past so he discusses how his health journey has helped him focus on what’s TRULY important in his life. We discuss:

  • How food and drink choices affected his sleep, productivity, fitness, and overall health

  • The importance of being fully present in the moment

  • Why a routine actually FREES your time instead of filling it

  • The benefits of sticking to your routine (even on those days when you don’t want to!)

Michael Huber - color.jpg

Michael didn’t start his health journey until the age of 40; so, it’s not too late for you, either, friends! To get in touch with Michael, you can find all his contact information at www.indychamber.com.