17: Why Mobility Matters and How to up yours with Missy Bunch and Ryan Steenrod

I am so excited to introduce you to Missy Bunch and Ryan Steenrod. This is truly one amazing  couple, friends. I learned so much in this episode and you will too as these two mobility experts breakdown what to do to stay mobile, how to handle aches and pains, and what movements you can do to release tension and stiffness at the workplace. They also give us training on how to work our shoulders and hips to reduce pain and provide mindset tips to help you "stick with it" this time.

Basically, Missy and Ryan are pretty freakin' great. So, tune in and learn: 

  • Why mobility matters and what you can do to improve your mobility right now
  • How important it is to ask for help when you’re in pain
  • What tech neck is and the simple fix to breaking that habit and elongating your neck
  • The most common desk stressors and how to adjust for them at the office
  • How to sit, stand, and walk correctly (because, apparently, I’ve been doing it wrong)
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To learn more about Missy and Ryan, visit http://deathofthedesk.com/. You can also follow them on IG for real time mobility tips at @missybunch15 and @ryansteenrod. And p.s. they are gifting listeners 25% off Death of the Desk membership. Use the code FULLPLATE to get in on that deal.