15: Being Your Best Self with Katie Douglas

On this episode, I’m talking with WNBA All-Star Katie Douglas and, man, is it good one. Over the course of her 14-year basketball career, Katie did a lot. She helped the Indiana Fever win their first WBNA Championship in 2012, took multiple teams to the WBNA Finals on multiple occasions (2004, 2005, 2008, 2012), and juggled an international career playing in Greece, Spain, Turkey, Lithuania, Russia during the WNBA off-season. After leaving the WNBA, Katie returned to her hometown of Greenwood, Indiana, where she opened her first Orangetheory Fitness studio. She recently opened a new location in downtown Indianapolis and is excited to be helping her fellow Hoosiers improve their health.

In this episode of The Full Plate, Kate explains:

  • Her journey from “little Katie” from Greenwood Indiana to WNBA All-Star

  • How food impacted her body and performance and why she views food as fuel

  • What the transition looked like from WNBA star to Orange Theory Fitness franchise owner

  • How she got involved with Orange Theory Fitness and why she loves it so much

  • Why she is so passionate about health and wellness and the one question she wants people to ask themselves

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Katie Douglas

WNBA All-Star

You can find Katie hanging at OrangeTheory Fitness Greenwood or OrangeTheory Fitness Downtown Indianapolis. You can follow both locations on Instagram at their handles @otfgreenwood and @otfdowntownindy.