06: Prioritizing Your Goals to Prioritize Your Health with Peter SerVass

If you’ve ever felt like you’re too busy to prioritize health, this episode is for you. I’ll introduce you to a successful, high-performing, and, dare I say busy entrepreneur, Peter SerVaas. As the co-founder of a high-growth technology company, Peter certainly has a Full Plate. While running his own business (and helping friends and family grow theirs), Peter travels the world pursuing active hobbies like kiteboarding and snow skiing -- and he’s even working towards writing his first book. While pursuing this adventure-packed life, Peter has unlocked the key to maintaining high performance and longevity: prioritizing his health above everything else.

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On this episode Peter shares his mental framework and a few life hacks, including:

  • The importance of setting clear, meaningful goals for your health and life (His goal: “To be able to do the active hobbies I love until I’m 70-80 years old.”)
  • How he learned to set priorities to support his long-term goals (and then de-prioritize things that don’t serve those goals)

  • Why eliminating decision points throughout day is key to maximizing performance

  • How he simultaneously maintains his fitness and friendships while traveling the world

  • His hacks for the art of a good night’s sleep

Peter has found the tools to maximize his time and energy toward pursuing his long-term goals, and he is excited to help you do the same. He’s not on social media (something he had to cut out to make time for those goals…), but you can reach him at peter@doublemap.com.

If you want to match Peter’s goal of reading 70-100 books this year, check out the ones below that he mentioned in the podcast:

Erica Ballard