01: Why Stress is Making You Sick with Swathi Rao

Friends, I am ridiculously excited to introduce you to this week’s guest, Swathi Rao. Swathi is a functional medicine practitioner with an absolutely incredible wealth of knowledge on just about all things health-related. But guys, what I love most about Swathi’s approach is her commitment to partnering with every patient to create an individualized wellness plan that cares for the whole person -- body, mind and spirit. Oh, and her practice’s motto is pretty great, too: Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move Well, Poop Well, and ultimately Be Well.

This week we’re getting into just how much stress hormones factor into your gut health, as well as tons of other great stuff, including:

  • What is functional medicine, exactly?
  • What are stress hormones are and how do they spark chronic disease?
  • The importance of finding and addressing the root causes of stress in your life
  • How stress presents itself in the body
  • Why good gut health and elimination are essential to optimal health

But this is just scratching the surface of all that Swathi and I hope to dive into in the future, so you can count on hearing from her again on The Full Plate.

In the meantime, follow Swathi’s practice on Facebook and Instagram @BeWellFamilyCare or online at www.bewellfamilycare.com.