32: How To Be An Effective Leader Through Meditation with Enrico Cecala

Curious about meditation? Great. Because I got the guy for you: Enrico Cecala. Enrico served in the US Navy SEAL Teams for 12 years, performed over 130 combat missions, all on top of running multiple businesses. After retirement and reconnecting with his spiritual path, he discovered his true calling to help people shape and lead a life on their own terms through coaching and meditation. Enrico has created a system that helps people reignite their light within, reconnect with their true selves, and lead their own life. 

In this chat, we cover:

  • What meditation actually is and how to know if it's working 

  • How you can start meditating if you don’t have tons of time and space

  • Every day forms of meditation that you can adapt and use

  • Meditation myths and why clearing your mind isn't always the primary goal of meditation

  • How meditation can help you break through roadblocks and help you grow as a leader

To learn more about Enrico, you can find him on Instagram @superiorpeak or his website www.enricocecala.com.

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