30: Kombucha 101 With Matt Whiteside

I’m so excited to share my conversation with Matt Whiteside, guys! Matt is the co-founder and CEO of Circle City Kombucha. Matt is a type 1 Diabetic who has dedicated his life to making the community a better place through the relentless pursuit of healthy lifestyle habits & products. That’s why in this episode, we talk kombucha and how it can improve your health.

In this week’s episode, we dive into: 

  • What kombucha actually is

  • Why kombucha is good for your gut and digestive health

  • What to be on the look out for when buying and drinking kombucha

  • How much should you drink kombucha in a day

  • Why adding kombucha into your every day routine may benefit more than your gut

Find out more about Matt and his company at @feelgoodsoda and their website at www.circlecitykombucha.com.