33: A Better Solution to Chronic Pain with Brendon Lundberg

Friends — Want to learn how to solve your chronic pain problems? Then meet Brendon Lundberg. Brendon is on a mission to build the safest, most consistently effective and appealing solution to the epidemic of chronic pain. As the co-founder of Radiant Pain Relief Centres, he combines his mission to change the way chronic pain is treated, with his deep experience in healthcare management, to help people who suffer from chronic pain get back their lives. 

In this week’s episode, we dive into: 

  • What pain is, particularly what is the difference between acute pain to chronic pain and why that matters to you

  • How chronic pain can manifest and what do do about it

  • The role your brain plays in chronic pain and what happens when the wiring is off

  • What new science is telling us about chronic pain and how to treat it

  • Why treating and managing chronic pain is so important to Brendon

If you want to learn more about Brendon and his amazing mission you can check out his book called Radiant Relief: A Case for a Better Solution to Chronic Pain or his website at www.radiantpainrelief.com. You can also find him on Instagram at @pbrendonlundberg.