Have you ever said to yourself...

How am I so productive in my professional life yet so unmotivated when it comes to my own health?

Why can't I bring myself to do the things I know I need to do?

I got this far doing what I’ve been doing; so, why does it matter if I’m healthy or not?

Plus, how does anyone get healthy with a schedule as busy as mine?

And is even worth it? Will it make a different? Can eating kale actually do anything for me?


I know how you feel – stretched for time, overwhelmed and putting your health on the back burner. i was there too.

Because for a long, I truly believed that working harder was the only way to achieve the body and business I wanted. I had to run a little faster. Eat a little cleaner. And be a little bit more vigilant. 

but every time I tried to do those things, I failed.

Because I was exhausted – both mentally and physically. Getting healthy too much mental space. So, I couldn't keep up with the demands of family and work. And the pressure I put on myself. But I knew I needed to be healthy to excel. I just didn't know how to fit health into my life. Because I thought it was supposed to be hard. 

So, I was TIRED. EMBARRASSED. AND spinning my wheels.

Like you, I was taught working harder gets results. So, getting healthy seemed impossible because it took up too much time. And I didn’t have time. I didn’t have time to go to the gym. To eat clean. To take care of myself. And to run my business. And live my life.

Then I found that healthy living is a lot easier than we’ve been lead to believe.

No one ever told me that. No one told me that the fastest way to get healthy is to detox, repair, and rebuild your gut. No one explained to me that cleaning up your gut exponentially increases your health (and your brainpower). And no one laid out the protocol to get there.

It took a lot longer because of that. 

 I wish I had someone who was willing to be honest with me. Someone to call me on my bullsh*t. Someone who would tell that doing right by my body would expand my mind, increase my productivity, and help me do me better.

and my work performance suffered. Because no one told me health and high performance were tied.

No one told me that either. I wish someone would have pulled me aside sooner and beat into my brain that health and high performance were tied. Because they are. I wish I had someone who was willing to say to me that the diet and health care industry aren't telling the whole truth. And that living healthy isn’t about weight loss or a six-pack.

I wish someone would have explained to me that healthy living mattered because it triples your energy, output, and productivity.

I wish I knew that sooner. I wish I knew how to scale my energy through food sooner. I wish I knew how to manage my energy sooner. I wish knew where to start sooner.

And I wish I would have someone to keep me accountable – even when I pushed back. Does that sound like someone you want in your life?