Up your energy with these three, simple steps

Most people who say they want to “get healthy” and “lose weight” want to do so for something greater than their appearance. They want to feel more confident. They want to be around for their loved ones. Or they want more energy.

The desire for “more energy” has dominated conversations I’ve had lately. Many people I’ve spoken with want to improve their health because they need more energy to work harder, keep up with the kids, and, at times, just get through the day. I get it. Being tired all the time is sucks. Drinking cup after cup of coffee hoping “this one” will work. And just moving through the day wanting to be present but unable to stay focused. I’ve been there, and it’s pretty miserable.

Luckily, your energy levels are not static. You can change your reserves by changing what you eat. For instance, adding more greens, whole grains, and healthy fats will up your energy. Alternatively, by adding more sugar, processed foods, and poor-quality meats into your diet, you will deplete your reserves. So, choose whole foods if you’re looking to up the anty in your day.

You can also change your energy levels by changing your dinner time. If you’re like most Americans, you eat supper later in the evening. This is an energy zapper as late-night eating interferes with our sleep patterns. This is because the same part of your nervous system that digests your food also repairs and detoxifies your bodies when you sleep. So, if you eat a couple hours before you sleep (verses about three and half to four hours prior), you spend the majority of your sleep time digesting your food – instead of repairing and detoxing – which is why you wake up groggy even through you’ve slept seven hours or so. So, eat earlier if you want to wake up with more vigor to take on the day.  

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Changing your water consumption can have a profound effect on your energy as well. Our bodies are predominately comprised of water. So, when you're low on water, you're low on energy. And when that happens, i.e. you're dehydrated, your organs slow down – leaving you sluggish, tired, and irritable. That means to up your energy you have to up your water intake.

It’s amazing that these three things – water intake, dinner time, and food – play such a large role in your energy levels. But they do. And that’s why I’m challenging you to implement these three things to your daily routine.

  1. Have at least one vegetable and/or fruit at every meal.
  2. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day (that’s just 4 bottles of water a day).
  3. Eat your last meal (and any other evening snacks) before 7pm daily.

These three things will drastically improve your energy. So, why not try them? You have three days to improve your energy, right? So take my Three-Day Energy Booster Challenge now to add a pep in your step. Be sure to tag me on Instagram at @ericaballardhealth when you start so I can cheer you on there too!