Three more tips to eat healthy when dining out

 We all know that eating at home is the healthiest thing to do. But it's not practical to do it all the time. We’re busy as hell – especially with the holidays approaching. And, honestly, it’s kind of nice to take a break from cooking and cleaning dishes. 

There is no shame in dining out. There really isn’t. It can seem hard to find a healthy option on the menu when out, but you can do it. I know because I do it. I go out to eat weekly and still manage to live healthy. So, I want to share with you some of my dining out tips. 

In my last post on how to eat healthy at restaurants, I noted the importance of asking questions, minding your meat, and ordering dressings on the side. But there are a few more tips and tricks I use, so here they are:

Pick a good restaurant. This may seem obvious, but really – pick a good restaurant, you know, the kind that has quality food that tastes good. Most people try to “go with the flow” and end up hating what they eat. So, speak up and find something that you’ll like and the people you are going out with will like too.

Rethink sautéed or fried items. The words “sauté” and “fry” (be it stir-fried or other) usually mean a lot of oil. If you’re looking to eat healthy when out, see if the restaurant can steam, bake, or broil the sautéed or fried items.

Ask for what you want. I’m piggy backing off the last tip but this is a big one: sk for what you want. We often feel bad about doing this but try not to. The waiter is okay with modifications. So, if you want the salmon, but it comes with mash potatoes, ask to substitute the potatoes for vegetables drizzled in olive oil. If you’re at a breakfast joint and just want two eggs, avocado, and an English muffin and the combo is not on the menu, see if your waiter can make it happen (spoiler: they can). Asking for what you want will make everyone’s life – including the waiter’s – easier.

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