Three foods to try this spring

Spring is finally here. Flowers are blooming. People are out. And no more snow (unless you live on the east coast).

I’ll be honest, no more snow is my favorite part about spring. Not only do I get to trade in my winter coat for mules and overalls, but I also get to eat the vegetables and fruits that come with warmer weather. Here are some of my favorites for the spring.

  • Collards: You don’t have to be southern to enjoy collard greens. This amazing vegetable provides high doses of fiber, calcium, iron and protein. It also provides an impressive amount of minerals and vitamins, like folate, vitamin A and K.
  • Sugar snap peas: This legume is great in salads, soups and stir-frys. But taste isn’t its only benefit, sugar snap peas help with weight control and have high amounts of key vitamins and essential minerals your body needs to thrive.
  •   Cherries: Not like you need more reasons to love cherries, but, if you do, these guys pack a nutritious punch. Research suggests cherries help with inflammation, reduce your stroke risk and may help you sleep better.

Pick up these items and other spring goodies at your local farmers’ market or grocery store. For a full list of in-season vegetables, visit:

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