The reason you haven't reached your health goals (yet)

I’ve been reading Healthy Gut, Healthy You (which is fabulous, btw) and this one line popped out at me:

“The most powerful thing you can do to improve your health is to learn to listen to your body and stop listening to everyone else.”

The reason this jumped out at me is because this one line summarizes my philosophy on health. I truly believe you are the expert on you. Because, friend, you are – which is why listening to your body is the key to owning your health.  


It really is. It’s how my clients get healthy, and it’s how I got healthy. For those of you new to my story, I followed allllllll the rules for most of my health journey. I had weight to kick and tried hard to drop it. I ate low-fat. I followed the Food Pyramid and then the MyPlate. And I worked out like a fiend.  But – and this is a huge “but” – despite it all, I hated the way I looked and felt.

And, if I’m being honest, I was so confused about the lack of results. After all, I followed all the guidelines and rules and advice and, for God’s sake, I worked in health care and got my degree from a medical school. But still, even with all that knowledge, nothing. I couldn’t seem to drop the weight, and I swear I was perpetually bloated.

To make a (very) long story short, I realized that “the rules” weren’t for me. The advice I was given – and the advice you’re often given –  is cookie cutter, and cookie cutter doesn’t work for most people. When that light bulb went off, I finally got the courage to buck conventional wisdom and try new things. To put it another way, I finally got the courage to start listening to my body.

And that - that whole listening to your body thing - changed the game for me. Here's what I learned in just a few short months:

  1. I realized that while my test for celiac disease came back negative, gluten and I still didn’t get along.
  2. I learned that I can eat goat or sheep’s milk, but cow’s milk is a big problem for me.
  3. That the vegan lifestyle wasn’t for me because my unique body actually needs meat and animal by-products.
  4. And that I’m not what I eat but what I absorb.

I learned all of this by listening to my body. And you can too. This isn’t some airy fairy thing or a tactic that’s out of reach for only the elite. It's in reach for everyone – including you. 

So, really start listening to your body. I promise it'll get you closer to your health goals because I’ve seen it happen for so many people before you. So try to tap in and listen. And if you need help tuning in, let’s talk. This stuff is my favorite. So, if this message speaks to you in anyway, sign up for a free discovery call today.

Erica Ballard is a Healthy Living Expert and Coach who helps working professionals increase their productivity and success through food. If you liked what you read, and want more of it, sign up for her newsletter today.