Take bold action

Today is my second day operating Erica Ballard Health as my full-time gig. I’ve been health coaching for a while now, but it’s always been a side hustle. Sure, I’ve wanted it to be my main gig for some time now, but I didn’t have the courage to make it real. I mean, I have a mortgage to pay and gas to buy and I like things (pretty things!).   

But then, I decided I really wanted this and took action.

Quitting my job a few weeks ago is definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever done (…even though I’ve done textbook scarier things – like move to cities where I knew no one and hiked mountains without maps). And, between you, me, and the internet, I am writing this post with about a thousand feels pulsing through my body. Of course I am. I’m both scared and excited. I’m excited because I know I’m a great health coach. And I know other people have achieved success as an entrepreneur. And I know that I’m fully capable of success. But I’m scared because I could fail. Because other people could see me fail. And because I don’t want to fail.


But I committed to the action I took. So, I got up today, like I always do, and I went to the gym. I meditated. I ate my breakfast. I showered. I put on pants (real ones), and, now, I’m putting in the work. I did this all while scared and excited. And even thought I know I will stumble, and I might even fail in people’s eyes, I am moving forward with excitement and pride as I acted on something I truly believe in: me!

I share this story with you because most of you still reading this post want change. For most of you, the change you seek is in your health. That could mean weight loss or to get stronger or to prevent a disease. And that’s fantastic: the first step in creating change is acknowledging it. But now I want you to take the next step: I want you to take action – bold action. And, listen, bold action doesn’t have to look like climbing a mountain (although it can). Bold action is going to the gym when you’re afraid that everyone is going to judge you. It’s going into a health food store and asking the person at the counter (who probably doesn’t look like you) what the eff a probiotic is and if you should take one. And bold action is asking for help – be it from a friend, coach, or yourself.

Friend. You can take bold action. You may not feel like you have the courage to, but hear me, you have the strength. I am no different than you. I did it. And you can do. So, be bold and take action. Not because you can but because you want to.

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