Stop looking for a magic bullet. It doesn’t exist.


So many of us are looking for a magic bullet. We think “if I could just nail this diet” or “if I could just afford that trainer” or “if I could just stick to this meal plan”, we’ll get healthy. But the truth is, health isn’t attributed to a one-off event or item.  

No matter what you read or watch, one thing won’t make our break your health. No specific vitamin, supplement or item of food is going to get you healthy. Some people hate this, but I think it’s great because it means that no one event is going to make or break your health. So, that cookie you ate today or that workout you skipped last week – they don’t mean much, unless you let them.

What do I mean by that? I mean, don’t let a bad meal turn into a bad week and then a bad year (or ten). But if you have, that’s okay. You can pull yourself out of that funk – no matter how long you’ve been there. Here’s how:

Do one healthy act daily. And it doesn’t have to be big. In fact, it shouldn’t be. When getting back on the health train, most people think they have to do some grandiose jumpstart but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Health is a succession of small choices done daily. So, choose one small thing to do every day to get your health back. Drink two glasses of water instead of one. Eat a piece of fruit once a day. Or walk for ten minutes. Whatever it is, do one thing and then build from there.

Remember why you want to be healthy. To get to the root of your desire, ask yourself why you want to get healthy – and don’t stop at your first answer. Keep digging until you’ve found your motivator. So many people I meet say they want to lose weight to have more energy. That’s great but that’s not going to get you out of bed and to the gym. You need to know what more energy will do for you. Will you have more stamina to play with your kids or more endurance to work longer at your job or is it something else entirely? Figure it out and tap into your “why” when you’re feeling stalled.

Find an accountability partner. Getting healthy solo can be hard. It can also be isolating if your friends aren’t doing it or your family doesn’t get it. So, find someone to go along the journey with you. It’s a lot easier to eat a healthy dinner or go on your first two-mile jog when you know that you’ve got a person to celebrate your milestones and successes with. And don’t be afraid to ask an acquaintance or someone you barely know to be your partner. This journey could bring you together.

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