The biggest mistake everyone makes when trying to drop the weight

If you’re trying to kick some of your lbs. to the curb, I got news for you – a diet of “no”s isn’t going to get you there. Yet, so many of us take this route.

We tell ourselves no carbs, no wine, no dairy, no days off, and no fun. Sound familiar? I thought so. And, look, I know we’re told that restriction is the way to slimness, but that mindset of “no”s doesn’t work. You know that. But do you know why it doesn’t work? It doesn’t work because when you think negative, you act negative.

You’ve probably noticed that truly healthy people are truly happy people. They are the people who see the bright side of things. They are the people who can rebound from a “bad” meal because they didn’t label themselves “bad” in the first place for consuming carbs, dairy, and wine. And they are people who get that you cannot evaluate your worth based on how much you ate in a day.  

So, friend, if you want to drop the weight – drop the negativity. What’s does that look like in real life? It looks like changing the language you use when talking about your health. Instead of “don’t eat carbs”, think “eat more greens”. Instead of “stop eating sweets”, think “fill my body with foods that give me energy”. Instead of “[your favorite four-letter word]. I have to go to the gym”, think “I want to serve my body”.

Stop making the mistake everyone else makes when trying to lose week and change your language. Because, the truth is, you want to lose weight to feel better. To have more energy. To like what you see in the mirror. So, works towards that by choosing words that reflect what you want. Because, remember, a negative mindset fosters negative action and you don’t have time for that anymore.  

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