Here’s why eating in-season makes sense

I love when the seasons change because it means new fruits, new vegetables and new recipes. This makes my palate happy, but it also makes my body happy. That’s because seasonal produce is extremely good for you. Not only does it have higher nutritional content, but it also gives your body what it needs to get through a season.

Think about it. Almost everyone craves warm, hearty meals in the winter. It's not a coincidence.  As humans, we need to be insulated to handle the cold months of winter. In spring, we need to shed pounds to handle the summer sun, which is why salads and raw foods actually sound good to us. 

 Your body is smart. It is always telling you what you need. And this spring, it needs spring veggies and fruit. If you need more convincing, here are a few other reasons to eat in-season. 

  • Food tastes better. In-season produce is fresher and, as a result, tastes better. Like way better. That’s because, when fruits and vegetables are naturally ripened (verses manufactured to bloom), they have the time they need to mature and develop all their flavors.
  • It adds variety to your diet. Studies repeatedly show that a diverse gut flora aids weight loss and health. And you can’t get a diverse gut flora by eating the same foods day in and day out. Eating in season ensures you’re diversifying your microbiome every few months.   
  • You save money. Farmers harvest a large yield of a fruit or vegetable when its in season, which brings its cost down. If you buy local (and you should where you can), prices drop further as the crop doesn’t have to travel long distances to get to you. An added bonus to the lack of travel is that, when fruit or veggies stay local, they retain more nutrients than their vagabond counterparts.

Eating seasonally and locally is good for your body, your wallet and your environment. So, what are you waiting for? Got eat!